Library Article

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Hello once again, readers! As the world continues to reopen, I am beginning to familiarize myself with some of the traditions of library directorship in roundtable discussions with library directors from around the region. Under the direction of the state library staff, library directors from across the state gather at predetermined libraries to discuss a wide range of topics from trends in circulation, to policies and procedures, even strategic plans for the upcoming year.

My cohort who met at the Morningside branch of the Sioux City Public Library had a great discussion on technology. One of the trends really hitting libraries right now are magazine usage lagging behind. Indeed, we have seen the same thing in Cherokee. The issue has been further expounded by many magazines not surviving the additional stress of being able to stay open through the pandemic. Indeed, the library saw over two dozen magazines cease production because of these reasons and more. On our end, our subscriptions were generally rolled over into magazines which we currently have. After a lot of accounting, we have figured some of our subscriptions now have been paid through 2028! Needless to say, we’re hopeful the magazine has that sort of longevity. If you were wondering, yes, the library still has over 30 different titles to chose from for magazines in house, and thousands to choose from online via Libby. If you have questions regarding your account or access, please feel free to give us a call and we will be grateful to assist.

From a procedure standpoint, directors also talked about going paperless around the library, automation tools, workflow applications to help staff communicate, and cloud computing. These are all topics here at the Cherokee Public Library, so if you want to know more, stop by during a tech Tuesday program and we will be happy to share some of the aforementioned tools and applications with you!