Skou wins lone Supervisor race, just 21% county voters weigh in

Friday, June 10, 2022

Of the few local races in Cherokee County at Tuesday’s Primary, Republican Dave Skou defeated incumbent Republican Wane Miller for the District 3 County Supervisor post, garnering 1,042 votes to Miller’s 332.

In the District 4 Supervisor’s race, Republican Cheryl Ellis ran unopposed, collecting 1.197 votes.

The turnout was light as usual, with just 1,742 voters out of a total 8,303 eligible voters filling out ballots, for a 21% clip. There were 1,540 GOP votes cast and 202 Democrats cast votes.

For District 5 Iowa House Representative in Cherokee County, Republican winner Zach Dieken received 501 votes to incumbent Republican Dennis Bush’s 486, and Tom Kuiper’s 67.

For State Senate District 3, Republican Lynn Evans soundly defeated Anthony LaBruna 856 to 136 in Cherokee County.

For State representative in District 13, winning Republican Ken Carlson received 142 Cherokee County votes to 284 for Republican Mark Peters.

For State Senator in District 7 Republican kevin Alons was unopposed and received 345 county votes.

Incumbent Republican County Treasurer Hedgie Brandt ran unopposed and gleaned 1,300 votes, and incumbent Republican County Recorder Samantha Boothby received 1,289 votes and ran unopposed. Also unopposed was GOP County Attorney Ryan Kolpin. who received 1,224 votes.

There was a smattering of write-ins for each position with no effect on outcomes. The vote totals are unofficial at this time until the Board of Supervisors canvass them in the near future.

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