Library Article

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Hello once again, readers! Summer reading is well underway, and the library is absolutely hopping with programming as well as community members participating in summer reading and enrichment activities. For some, this is their first visit back to the library since late 2019 into early 2020, so seeing the changes at the library are welcome and a little strange. With that, here are a few pointers if you have not checked out materials in a while:

We will probably need to update your library card. This is a normal process which library does yearly for our statistics regarding percentages of check outs in town versus from other towns in the county and state, informing of reserves, as well as overdue materials.

If you are planning on letting a spouse or family member check out on your account, it is a good idea to contact library staff and let them know that you are allowing that on your account. Library staff are diligent about keeping you and your right to privacy and information at the forefront of service, so unless we have the okay from the cardholder, we cannot check out.

Materials have in many cases changed locations in the library. With the library collection being a living organism constantly growing and needed trimmed in spots, staff have had to move materials about to allow for spacing as well as growth. If you are unsure where something is, the library has kiosks to search the catalog as well as the tried and true “ask a staff member” for assistance.