A burg is unmoved on a Thursday by a congressional hearing

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The Trump flag flies over this part of the country no matter what the Thursday hearing into the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection portrayed.

Placards for 2024 are in the windows of the tiny burgs on Buena Vista County blacktops. What do the six pickups in front of the town tap not know about that day or what led to it, and what do they care about Liz Cheney?

ďI say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible. There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain,Ē the Wyoming representative, and persona non grata in the GOP, declared in her opening statement.

Shaming appears to have lost its luster over time, and one has the feeling that the committee hearings to come will go as impeachment efforts did: Sure, Trump is a creep but they all are. Where do you take it from there? Prosecutors in New York and Georgia may let Trump have his day in court for trying to subvert the democratic process. The committee is attempting a trial in the court of public opinion that, around here at least, is more concerned with fuel prices.

Gov. Kim Reynolds embraces Trumpís endorsement. She had a decent day on Tuesday, when four of her legislative candidates won primaries. She ran off Rep. Dennis Bush, R-Cleghorn, for having the temerity to oppose her on private school vouchers. Thatís Trump-style retribution to maintain discipline in taking a hard tack to the right.

Guns? The Senate dithers. Parents grieve at the hearing tables. The senator from Texas says you canít let the perfect (say, banning assault weapons and body armor) be the enemy of the good (watered-down red flag laws).

Climate? When gasoline is near $5, you better drill, baby. Weíve had weather before. Do you remember 1936?

The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers have been indicted. Theyíre the ones who led the charge and spilled the blood, locals will say, and Trump just watched. They will use this as an excuse to take away your Second Amendment rights. The idea of banning assault rifles or limiting their ammo capacity is unthinkable in Northwest Iowa. You must have one for the coyotes. On that argument, controlling weapons that were designed for jungle war goes nowhere. Coyotes are everywhere.

Climate change is a hoax. Gas prices are real.

Immigrants get food stamps while I pay double for beef. Who needs Liz Cheney or some DC Elite telling me about my responsibilities? She should pay my property taxes. When has she worked for a living? How many of our boys died in Iraq and Afghanistan for nothing at the hands of Dick Cheney? And what do we get for your Gulf Wars? Higher gas prices. And what does Joe Biden get us? John Deere tractors made in Mexico and a shooting war with Russia, which leads to higher natural gas prices.

Thatís the vacuum of our politics in which the hearings on the insurrection, and the whole Stop the Steal Big Lie, swirl. Fox News didnít even bother to air the hearing.

It was all so yesterday. It was terrible, yes. Those whackos should be in jail. Some already are. Good riddance. Trump wasnít there. He was watching on TV. He told them to stop but they wouldnít. What was he supposed to do? So yeah, he could be elected president in Iowa if the election were held today.

Like the impeachment trials, those who already knew the story and made up their minds long ago may have watched. It will make little difference to the prosecutors aiming for Trump, or the jury of voters who felt his voice shared their animus toward government.

Donít tell me what to do or think. Earn your own. Quit picking my pocket. This is all just the continuing witch hunt. What do you know about how I handle guns? Takes a lot of gall for you to lecture me on children when youíre showing them dirty books in school ó it was on the radio.

You want me to think the sky is falling, and itís my fault. I was not around in 1619. Take it someplace else.

You can hear it in the quiet of a tiny village that Thursday afternoon with just a post office and a bar and a sign of defiance in the window. And a gun store with a customer walking in. Have your hearings. A bulldozer is about to knock down what used to be Main Street.