Lingenfelter shuts door on school access issue

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

With tensions peaking among parents after the deadly Texas school shooting and other mass shootings in schools and elsewhere, an alleged issue with malfunctioning doors at the Cherokee Middle and Elementary School campus fueled rumors and accusations in Cherokee.

The matter heightened as rumors spread at a youth baseball game a few weeks ago and a few parents contacted the Chronicle Times to report a problematic door issue, asking us to investigate it.

The next day we contacted Mike Fiedler, Cherokee School District’s Director of Buildings and Grounds, and he reported that all doors were in good working order and that there were no problems.

The matter persisted as other parents contacted the CT by phone or in person. One parent said he was told by a faculty member about the problem. We then contacted Superintendent Kim Lingenfelter, who was out of town, and she told us to contact Fiedler. When told we already had done that and was told there were no issues with doors at the CMS or CES building, Lingenfelter replied via this email:

“Haselhoff (Construction) inspected all doors at CES but there has never been a door challenge that has been brought to my attention from the elementary. The doors at CMS all lock. The challenge was the electronic fob staff use to unlock the front door at the middle school. The electronic system was repaired by a subcontractor when the parts arrived and should now allow fob entry for staff. Parents need to know the doors at the middle school all lock. Thank you.”

Students are out of school for the summer at this time, but were still in school when the parents’ concerns were first voiced.

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