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At The Library

What a great time we had at the Cherokee Public Library during the Christmas break!!!

Tuesday, twelve boys and girls came to the library to make some fancy snowflakes to help decorate the library. The first snowflake they made used only q-tips, waxed paper and glue. Each person made two snowflakes. One was for the library and one was to take home.

The second snowflake was a 3-D snowflake made from six sheets of colored paper. This snowflake took a little longer than the q-tip snowflake but turned out really beautiful.

The third snowflake was the easiest to make because it was already cut out of some blue and white craft foam. To decorate these snowflakes the boys and girls used brightly colored self-adhesive gems. They really sparkled when they were done.

Wednesday another group of twelve people came to play Monopoly, Chutes and Ladders, Checkers, Sorry, Yamslam, and Paddle Pool. I think everyone’s favorite game was Paddle Pool. One of the players said, “This is a game that will wake you up!” It certainly took good eye-hand coordination, being able to move the paddle right or left to keep the ball from going into the pocket, and being able to serve the ball so it didn’t go out of the playing area.

Twelve must have been the magic number for the special programs at the Cherokee Public Library because that’s how many participated in our final day of our make it and take it projects. The boys and girls made a mask they could wear for New Year’s Eve or any other party. What better way to bring in the New Year than to make and decorate a New Year’s Eve mask.

After making their New Year’s Eve masks the boys and girls used colored pencils to color either an Ancient Egyptian mask, a Anglo Saxon Helmet, a Northwest Coast Indian mask, or an Indian Dance Mask. It’s always fascinating to watch them use their imaginations and to see their unique finished projects.

If you would like to see these projects stop by the library or check out our face book page on the Internet.

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