Our Opinion: Helmets and pads are needed

Friday, June 16, 2006

As related in this issue's front page story, safety equipment, particularly helmets, can be crucial in protecting children from disastrous injuries when biking, skating or skateboarding.

Most parents of today's young children did not wear helmets and pads. It has not been a tradition among children in the past,

It is easy for parents to dismiss the need for such protection with the statement, "I never used it and I didn't get hurt."

This is wrong thinking for two reasons. One is that both skating and biking is getting fancier and further away from simply getting from place to place on a flat surface, like it was many years ago.

The second reason is that there always has been injuries and the fact was simply accepted as inevitable, an attitude that no longer makes sense, if it ever did.

The standard that a child "probably won't get hurt" by recreational activities is not good enough.

They should be protected as much as possible.