Stay with the vehicle

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The fate of a San Francisco man who struck out alone to find help for his family after their car got stuck on a snowy, remote road in Oregon gives emphasis to a general rule to stay with a car in a snow storm.

The man died, although his wife and two daughters were rescued.

There may be exceptions to the general rule about staying with the car when stuck. It can be a gamble either way, staying with a vehicle or venturing out.

Few Iowa roads can be called truly remote. It's ironic that although Iowa's population is relatively low, the distribution of that population is such that we don't have wilderness areas as found in much more heavily populated states.

Still, even though not in a wilderness, it is not safe trudging through deep snow in frigid temperatures unless a person can actually see an inhabited building to head toward.

It is, of course, best not to get far off of primary highways when traveling in the winter, to have the vehicle in good operating condition and to have winter survival items in the trunk. Winter survival tips for travelers can be found at several websites that can be found through a Google search.