A growing inconvenience

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sometimes increased use of technology comes with a cost. There are a growing number of people who use cell phones exclusively, meaning that there is no telephone listing for them.

Having an unlisted number has always been an option, but at an extra cost to the phone owner and most people wanted others to be able to contact them with ease. Not long ago, cell phones were expected to be used primarily to make outgoing calls, and for a select few friends and relatives to contact the cell phone owner.

But now, cell phones are rapidly becoming the dominant form of phone communication, and landline phones seem destined to join typewriters as artifacts of a past era.

In the future, there may be contact information available for the general public about the general public, but there are challenges in the meantime.

The same problem arises with email addresses. In the good old days, if you needed to look up an address, the phone book was happy to help. But as we experience growing pains with these new technologies, there is a ray of hope on the horizon. Thank the maker for sending us Google.