April 'Keep Iowa Beautiful' month

Friday, April 5, 2013

As we move forward in April, we start thinking less of the winter and more about warm weather activities like house cleaning, planning trips, looking over seed catalogs, cleaning up the yard and garden, planting, and home improvement plans.

Private residents and the business community use this time to "spruce up" their properties. April is a great time for thinking about a more beautiful home, business, community and state.

Keeping Iowa Beautiful doesn't happen automatically - it takes time and effort. There is a job for everyone, from the school student to the retiree, in helping to clean up areas, fix up properties and to plant up areas in need of a touch of natural beauty.

Schools that have active service learning programs can help by placing a focus on programs that enhance the attractiveness of the community. Not only will the hours spent by the youth bring benefits to the community, the service they provide will bring immeasurable value to the student by building a sense of pride and accomplishment in helping to be a part of their community.

The cleanliness and beauty of Iowa is critical for attracting business and potential investors ready to grow the economic base.

It is also vital for visitors to consider a trip to Iowa and for former residents to consider returning. Clean and attractive landscapes support the pride that we have in where we live and protect and enhance the natural beauty of the State.

That's why April has been declared as 'Keep Iowa Beautiful' month.

We encourage every Iowan, group, organization and business to join in celebrating April as Keep Iowa Beautiful Month.

Check out the Keep Iowa Beautiful web page (www.keepiowabeautiful.com) to learn about programs and other activities being planned for April.

Keep Iowa Beautiful will help to recognize and promote your efforts. Let's make Iowa the cleanest and most beautiful State.