Know where your kids are

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring is a time of high youthful spirits, a situation that is normal and healthy but can get out of hand without proper guidance and supervision from adults.

It is impossible to directly supervise high school age youngsters all of the time but setting down rules and sticking to them lets young people know that there are expectations and limits.

It is good to know the friends of your children and the parents of your children's friends. The best way to keep track of children's activities is networking among parents.

Caring about how your children spend their recreational time is only part of caring about them. The attention will seem less intrusive when the child knows you care about his or her accomplishments, dreams and problems.

Without the background of establishing a dialogue on a variety of subjects, inquiring about leisure-time activities will simply seem like mistrust.

With a background of open communication, children may still protest being required to explain their whereabouts at all times, but in the long run they will appreciate even this kind of attention.

Behaving responsibly and having fun are not mutually exclusive. It is up to parents to teach that to their children.