Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:

Friday, September 14, 2018

In response to Paul Struck’s recent editorial, “Who let the dogs out?”

Who Let The (Cherokee County) Cops Out?

Yes Mr. Struck. We all do know the dog Zucko shot by Deputy Wolf was accused of attacking other dogs.

We don't know yet if the charges are true or not. (And Mr. Struck clearly admits he doesn’t either. Thank you!)

But Mr. Struck mistakenly thinks that advocates and activists involved in the social media “storm” don’t care about the victim dogs.

We do.

This is the crux of the matter:

There is a legal process for animal cases that most civilized cities have in place for these tragic instances. I have been to several court cases involving dog on dog attacks resulting in death. There is a court hearing where evidence is presented and argued. The judge or jury makes a decision. Local law is then applied.

Cops (or anyone else) cannot take the law into their hands and go on rogue search and destroy missions to kill the alleged offending animal in its yard— and then dump the body. Which is what appears to have happened in the Cherokee County Sheriff incident. And that deputy was fired.That is a fact. No wonder people across the nation are outraged.

Mr. Struck seems to criticize the mother and family of the dog for stirring it up? Really? If it wasn’t for the swift action of that family posting the videos and photos on Facebook this shocking incident may have gone unnoticed. They did us all a great service.

Don't be amazed Mr. Struck. Think about the why of the "noise" and "storm" for a while. One step at a time.

We all do care about the death of the victim dogs, Zucko, and all dogs. When this case is properly adjudicated by civilized people we will voice that.

Jeffrey Justice

Longmont, CO