Sanford Artist of the Month

Friday, November 6, 2020
Pictured here is Deanna Skokan, the Sanford Museums’ Artist of the Month. The painting shown with Skokan happens to be one of her favorites, being presented at 2 art exhibits and a fair.
Photo by Nicholas J. Brewer

Ready for some art? This month’s Artist of the Month is Deanna Skokan, from Des Moines.

Skokan was a retired medical transcriptionist who owned a company called TechniMed Transcriptions for 17 years. She always had a love for painting, but until 2014, the only thing she was painting was the walls of her house. Once her children all left for college, she decided to take the paint brush off of the drywall, and onto the canvas.

Skokan shared her first painting with her family, who then encouraged her to continue the path of an artist. Ever since that day, she was hooked. Over the years, she’s created and sold several of her paintings. According to Skokan, her basement is like an art gallery, storing many works of art. In total, she’s made around 175 to 200 paintings as of today. She plans to make at least 100 paintings this year, currently on her 77th of the year.

Many of Skokans’ works consist of Plein-air painting, or canvas that has been painted in outdoors. Her paintings consists of wildlife, landscapes, and anything that someone might see in rural area of the country.

Currently, Skokan is the membership chair of Iowa Artists, a non-profit organization that focuses on connecting aspiring artists in the Midwest to other artists and art centers. She also teaches Acrylics at Lutheran Church of Hope.

Her works will be on display at the Sanford Museum, located at 117 E. Willow St. in Cherokee.

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