Friday, May 21, 2021


--your feet hit the floor in the morning.

--you breathe in the sweet aroma of a lilac bush.

--your grandkids gives you a hug.

--your wife wants to hold your hand.

--young people say "Hi" to you on the street.

--a friend invites you out for lunch.

--everyone you know is healthy.

--your back and knees don't ache.

--you can remember stuff.

--you know all is good on the family front.

--you can feel the warm grass between your toes.

--our youth graduate and move on to bigger things.

--local businesses thrive.

--when the beer is ice cold.

--your kids and grandkids are happy.

--your wife is happy.

--when your buddy doesn't care you returned his tackle box, empty.

--you know youíre loved.

--you can help others.

--you can listen to a good Delbert McClinton song.

--you always have a "go to" friend who will help, always.

--someone shows you kindness and compassion.

--we pray.

--we can appreciate how good "the good old days" really were.

--your coach believes in you.

--you get to watch a new episode of Gunsmoke or Rifleman.

--memories of loved ones randomly pop into your head.

--the Yankees, Hawkeyes, Sun Devils and WHS Braves win.

--friends gather to shoot the bull.

--your brother or sister calls for no reason.

--everyone gets along.

--you find that lucky penny.

--the wisdom of parents saves you again.

--you know family has your back, always.

--truth matters.

--youíre on the Harley or riding your horse, Buck.

--friends care.

--you get to hold a baby.

--youíre able to work.

--you do or say something nice to anyone.

--youíre full of life and glad to be alive.

--you realize how lucky you really are.

--you know it's going to be a good day.

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